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Rias Flooring Today is a flooring business that puts the needs of its customers first. We take the time to learn about your style and financial preferences so that we can supply you with the exact flooring you require, as well as trustworthy advice and services to help you furnish your dream home.

At Rias Flooring Today, we care about our customers and take great care to provide a positive flooring experience. We know that providing trusted flooring solutions is a key part of ensuring customer satisfaction, but not the whole part! That’s why, in addition to supplying brand-name hardwood, carpet, vinyl, laminate, tile, engineered wood, and granite flooring, we also offer superior customer service, including guaranteed installation. Visit our Houston store where you’ll find stunning, affordable flooring and one-on-one attention.

Rias Flooring Today

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Call us or request your accurate and professional in-home flooring and remodeling estimate.


Select the perfect product you need from the wide selection of flooring designs and patterns.


We help our customers to modify their Homes, Business, and Offices with the best products by our experienced team.


Our professional flooring and remodeling installers are ready to help you with all of your projects.

Rias Flooring Today in Houston Texas

Our Services

Select Flooring with best Laminate Flooring store in spring Texas

Laminate Flooring

Rias Flooring Today specializes in its selection of laminate flooring and installation. Laminate flooring begins with...
Select Flooring with Latest Designed Tile Flooring in Spring Texas

Tile Flooring

Rias Flooring Today is your one-stop shop, with full package solution when it comes to Tile flooring. With our expanding...
Select Flooring & Bathroom Remodeling in Spring Texas

Bathroom Remodeling

We want to give you a bathroom you are proud of, a bathroom in which you can relish. We provide top-notch bathroom remodeling...
Select Flooring & Carpet Remodeling in Spring Texas

Carpet Flooring

Beautiful carpet is not only comfortable to walk on but also a unique way to decorate your home by adding a variety of colors and patterns that match almost any...
Select Flooring with Luxuary Vinyl Flooring in Spring Texas

Vinyl Flooring

You still think of old-fashioned styles when you think of Rias Flooring Today, think again...
Select Flooring & Remodeling in Spring Texas

Kitchen Remodeling

Rias Flooring Today is a remodeling store that provides homeowners with fully customized kitchen remodeling in Houston with...
Select Flooring & Hardwood Remodeling in Spring Texas

Hardwood Flooring

The presence of hardwood flooring is recognizable to anyone, and its main appeal is the natural wood colors and the appealing pattern of the wood’s grain...
Select flooring with Engineered Wood Flooring in Spring Texas

Engineered Wood

The beautifully attractive engineered wood flooring offered by Rias Flooring Today can take your next...
Select Flooring with Granite Flooring in Spring Texas

Granite Flooring

A granite floor can add quite a bit of value to your home. Granite flooring isn’t just stylish, it’s a lot more practical than you might think...

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